Cubs' Club

Cubs' Club is how we recognize students who are doing really well at school.  As a reward, we open the doors to the gym one Saturday each month for students who:  

  • Have good attendance
  • Have very few behavior concerns
  • Are getting their school work done

After 60-90 minutes of free play, we end Cubs’ Club time with a treat!  

Here’s what students need to do in order to join in the fun. During the days between Cubs’ Club Saturdays:

Be here

  • No more than 3 excused or unexcused absences (3 tardies or 3 sleeps in class = 1 day absent )


  • No suspensions
  • No more than 2 times sent to office

Be productive

  • 90% of class work is completed

We want to celebrate your successes - so come on, join the Club and get your rewards!

Treats for all

All in

A good time had by all