Girls Basketball Highlights


Jan 13-14 @ Brevig Mission

Game 1
The girls had an outstanding defensive performance. Beverly Tom lead the team in scoring with 29 points. Shea Matthias followed up with 25 points. Final score Stebbins 68, Brevig Mission 19.
Game 2
Brevig Mission had to forfeit our second game due to a lack of eligible players. Win goes to Stebbins.

Jan 20-21 vs. St. Michael 

Game 1
High Scorers: Shea Matthias 22 , Beverly Tom 19.  Final score Stebbins 62, St. Michael 27.
Game 2
This game was a true team effort with almost everyone putting up points. Shea Matthias lead the team with 20 points. Beverly Tom followed with 12. Final score Stebbins 43, St. Michael 31.

Jan 27-28 vs. Gambell 

Feb 10-11 @ Gambell 

Game 1
The girls lost to Gambell by one on Friday night. During this tough battle, Shea Matthias was injured in the 2nd quarter, shaking up the girls for a spell. They struggled third quarter, but staged a huge come back in the 4th quarter, putting up 20 points and losing by only 1 pointFinal score Stebbins 52, Gambell 53.

Game 2
The girls pulled off a nail biter on Saturday to win by 3 points. Gina Tom, Serena Martin, Karrie Lockwood and Winifred Pete put up 6 points each.  Alberta Bogeyaktuk had 8, and Beverly Tom led with 18! Final score Stebbins 50, Gambell 47.

These games were battles, and our girls worked very hard.

Feb 17-18 vs. Koyuk 

Game 1
Tukurngailnguq emerged victorious 72-38 against Malemute on Friday on the strength of Beverly Tom, who scored 21 points. Grizzlies got ahead early with a 26-point second quarter, racking up a 43-17 lead by halftime.  Read more narrative by GameChanger Media...

Game 2
Shea Matthias scored 18 points, helping Tukurngailnguq notch a 69-39 victory over Malemute on Saturday. Grizzlies put points on the board early, claiming a 28-20 lead at the half. With 22 points in the third quarter, Tukurngailnguq cemented their lead.  Read more narrative by GameChanger Media...

Mar 1-4 Regional Playoffs 

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