Nordic Skiing Race Results

Nordic team

Gunnar Pete, Jarel Tom, Jeri Dan, Gregory Paul, Elisha Lockwood, Arieanna Jack, Madelyn
Nashoanak, & Zeb Mike

Koyuk 40th Anniversary Sk Invitational - Mar 2-3

Junior High Nordic skiers Zeb Mike, Jarel Tom, Arieanna Jack, Jeri Dan and Madelyn Katcheak represented Stebbins this weekend in Koyuk. They were well behaved and respectful among competitors from Unalakleet, Koyuk, Shishmaref, Gambell, Savoonga, White Mountain, Teller, Nome, and Galena.  All of our skiers finished every race they started.

Cross Country

The teams participated in a cross country ski race consisting of two one-mile loops. 

Junior High Girls (4th-8th grade)

26 skiers started the race; 20 finished.

Junior High Boys (4th-8th grade)

35 skiers started the race; 34 finished.


The Biathlon skiers race two times around a one-mile loop. En route they stop at the firing range and fire five (5) shots.  For every missed shot, the skier takes one penalty loop of about 100 feet. The lower age limit for participants using rifles and live ammunition is 5th grade.

Junior High Girls (4th-8th grade)

26 skiers started the race; 19 finished.

Junior High Boys (4th-8th grade)

30 skiers started the race; everyone finished.

* 4th grader, Zeb Mike, skied the route, but was not allowed to fire at the range.  

Nordic candids

District Championship - Mar 23-25