Volleyball Tournament

Coaches Corner – Update from the Regionals


“Gambell was a tough game but the kids were in good spirits, and we were complimented for our positive attitude on the court.  Trace played an amazing game with strong serves and amazing court presence.

“On Friday we played St. Michael again.  This was one of our best games.  Here we came up with a new cheer for our ACE serves that the kids in the audience really enjoyed.  Our team did a really great job staying positive and supporting one another.  This was one of Louis's best games.  He did an awesome job with court awareness and supporting his players.  Serena had some amazing sets and saves.  She also helped the team stay positive and smiling through out the game.  Beverly had some amazing serves and passes.  Berta killed on attacks and her serves.  Deynese had some amazing hits over the net.  Imagin had some amazing serves and sets.  And Wini had some amazing serves, passes, and sets.  This was a game that Stebbins would have been proud of.

“We were complimented again for our team support and positive attitude.

“We did a raffle drawing to win a sub sandwich and our team won.  The kids decided to share half of our 6 foot sandwich with the elders in the community, the main officials from the game, the AD from Gambell, the Gambell coach for winning regionals, and Jeff Erikson and his assistant Linda for all their hard work.  Everyone was very thankful.  The elders were so happy to get a sandwich and you could tell that our kids felt good about sharing with everyone.

“During the award ceremony, Trace won a spot on the all-around team.  This is a award voted by the coaches here during the tournament.  I will get pictures of this when I can.  Overall, this has been a very exciting tournament.  Gambell took 1st place with Unakalaleet taking 2nd.  We ended the tournament with a dance.  The kids had a lot of fun but most likely will be very tired by Monday.

“Weather is not looking good here.  We currently have 50 - 60 mile hour winds.  It's looking like we will be traveling out tomorrow.  I will keep you posted since I now have access to internet.  Have a good rest of your Sunday and see you soon.”

-- Coach Rayna Halverson
Reporting from St Lawrence Island