1st Grade

Hello My Name Is...

Brenna Cox

Mrs Cox

I was born and half-raised in Alaska; the other half of my raising was done in Virginia where I grew up and went to school. Braxton and I moved to Alaska in 2010 and made our home on the Kenai Peninsula. I worked as a medical assistant there before pursuing a MAT degree in Elementary Education from the University of Alaska Southeast. My husband and I accepted teaching offers with BSSD and moved to Stebbins in 2015.

During my first year in Stebbins I enjoyed getting out to pick blueberries and exploring the tundra in the fall. My favorite wintertime activities were eskimo dancing and basketball—Go Grizzlies! I also had a couple cross-country skiing and winter camping adventures that were memorable. It was also very exciting to watch the snow and ice give way this spring as the days grew longer.

I am looking forward to another great year in Stebbins and am excited for the upcoming first grade class!