Secondary Math

Hello My Name Is...

Christine Weeks

Ms Weeks

I was lucky to grow up in northern New Jersey where my three sisters and I enjoyed mountains, woods, NY City and the real Jersey shore. My parents taught us to ski, camp, draw and shoot archery. I studied engineering in Illinois and worked on power plants until leaving for the more challenging and rewarding task of raising my children, Lauren, Danielle and Nick. We moved to Texas where I learned, and loved, to teach. I also skied on water rather than snow and we all learned to sail. We owned a coffee house where my children worked and where many of my students came to chat, listen to music and play games. I love board games and brainteasers.

My daughters and their children still live in the south but my son is in Philadelphia where I earned an MS in education. During the summer I live with my sweetheart, Jason, and his family in a small town north of the city, Perkiomenville – a Lenni-Lenape name referring to cranberries. We kayak and fish in a creek which runs through the backyard. Herons, eagles, deer, frogs, and lots of other creatures live there too. I work with an organization that takes children into the creek to explore the life it holds. I can get there by bicycle, taking the trail that runs along the stream. It goes 45 miles, all the way to the city through woods, towns and farmland. I enjoy riding, running or just strolling on the trail. I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful experiences and I am looking forward to teaching and learning and sharing new experiences with everyone in Stebbins.