What's Happening

Saturday Bicultural Extra

March 25, 2023

Ms. Minnie leads Saturday activities from mocking up mitten designs, to sewing qaspeqs.

All age groups attended and had a fun time learning.

Next Saturday Extra: April 8!

Students engaged in traditional Yup'ik activities.

2022-23 Educators Rising Team

We are proud to share the results of the Educators Rising STATE Competition 2023: ALL 7 STUDENTS made it to TOP 4!

2022-23 Educators Rising Team - Tukurngailnguq School

Public Speaking

Anessa Johnson - 2nd Place - Middle School

Blaine Paje - 2nd Place - High School Junior Varsity

Children’s Literature - K-3

Natalie Mike - 3rd Place - Middle School

Lesson Planning - Arts

Freda Tom - 3rd Place - High School Varsity

Lesson Planning - STEM

Tamirah Mike - 3rd Place - High School Varsity

Lesson Planning - STEM

Sherece Acoman - 4th Place - High School Varsity

Job Interview

Karla Henry - 4th Place - High School Varsity (previously reported as 5th place)

Kudos to the students who came out of their shells, worked hard, and did their best in the competition. Great job following the instructions and advice of teacher leader Sisa Paje.

Many thanks to all the teachers, staff, family members, and friends who helped this team get ready for the competition and gave their support. Quyana!

Incredible Book Donation

Many thanks to Tink Kitaura of San Francisco (and her mom!) for a donation of the full set of Harry Potter books! The 5th Grade class had the pleasure of opening the box and exploring the contents. Also included in donation was the set of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Narnia Chronicles, and some classics by Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott!

5th grade opens a surprise box of books donated to the library!

2022 Holiday Door Decorating Contest

First Place

HS Math - A Moose Wonderful Year

Second Place

Kindergarten tree & star

Third Place

3rd Grade Elves

Festive Runners Up

1st grade winter wonderland with Santa and Mrs. Claus

7th grade people tree

2nd grade chain link tree

8th grade Rudolph in the dark

4th grade snow much fun snowman

Bilingual Merry Christmas

6th grade ballin' Christmas with Kobie and daughter

HS ELA snowman

Family Literacy Night

November 11, 2022

About 20 students, parents, grandparents, and more participated in Family Literacy Night. Teachers read "The Rainbow Fish" and "Rainbow Fish to the Rescue" followed by fish-related reading activities, such as word finds and fishing for shapes. At the end of the evening, families got to take home free books!

Photo collage of kids and families reading The Rainbow Fish and doing activities

Engineering in Elementary

October 10-21, 2022

What is EiE?

Engineering in Elementary or EiE is a program of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) that focuses on showcasing engineering projects and mindsets to children from K-6.

For two weeks, from October 10 to 21, Tukurngailnguq School hosted STEM Teacher Penny Gray from NACTEC.  Ms. Gray came to lead two EIE project for our students.

Collage of October 2022 EiE projects - kids building walls and making water filters

For the first project, we built a wall. The second project was making water filters. The students designed and planned their projects and constructed them using trial and error. At the end of the projects, students and teachers got together and talked about what they learned and what they enjoyed about the two weeks.

Daisy Mike, Jayden Aluska, Brennan Paje, Brandon Paje, and Hailey Murphy pose with their prizes and Ms. Gray.

Daisy Mike, Jayden Aluska, Brennan Paje, Brandon Paje, and Hailey Murphy pose with their prizes and Ms. Gray.

The students who committed to the two week program and had perfect attendance got to take home some pretty cool engineering prizes!

STEM Family Night

August 29, 2022

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. STEM learning connects classroom learning to the real world. The focus includes communication, problem solving, and creativity. These are skills that will help students be successful in today's world no matter what their specific interests or career goals.

40 or so kids and adults gathered to explore STEM at Family Night.

What an AWESOME turnout at Family STEM Night!

A long table of kids making paper airplanes.

"Aagh! I'm just too excited about STEM!"

One boy shows off his clean sheet of paper he will use to make an airplane for the paper airplane race.

First grader John Pete shows off the perfect paper for his airplane.

The best STEM activities have a challenge or question for kids to investigate or solve. Starting STEM early and in a playful way is a great way to build a love for exploring, discovering, learning, and creating.

NACTEC STEM teacher, Penny Gray, visited Stebbins to hold a Family STEM Night for grades K-8 and their families and to introduce the Engineering is Elementary program - designed to inspire curiosity and bring learning to life. About 50 people showed up! The group talked, ate, laughed, and made paper airplanes to race in the halls. Now that's bringing learning to life!

Cross-Island Collaboration

August 19, 2022

Staff from Tuukurngailnguq School in Stebbins and Anthony A. Andrews School in St. Michael gathered together for a beginning-of-the-year picnic in St. Michael, Alaska.

Teachers, cooks, para-educators, office staff and administrators all enjoyed an afternoon collaborating at the beach.

Staff from Stebbins and St Michael pose under the blue sky, on the sand, in front of the ocean with mountains on the distant horizon.

2022 Educators Rising National Conference and Competition

Washington DC, June 24-27

Freda Tom holding 3rd Place National Educators Rising certificate

Freda Jacqueline Tom - 3RD PLACE: Lesson Planning and Delivery - Arts (Junior Varsity)

Blaine Paje holding 3rd Place National Educators Rising certificate

Blaine Stevon Paje - 3RD PLACE: Public Speaking (Junior Varsity)

Last June four students from Tukurngailnguq School - Emery Lockwood, Blaine Paje, McGrady Pete, and Freda Tom - qualified for the Educators Rising National Conference and Competition held at Washington DC! 

Accompanied by Teacher Leader, Sisa Paje, the students had a wonderful chance to travel to new places, network with teachers and adults from across the country, and meet and compete with other future educators.

During the competition phase, TWO of our students made it to the TOP 3 in the nation! Congratulations to Freda and Blaine and to all the students who made the most of this precious opportunity.

Educators Rising Alaska

2022 Conference and Competition

Photo of team members and coach

Students: Tamirah Pete, McGrady Pete, Freda Tom, Blaine Paje, Emery Lockwood, Sherece Acoman, Leo Mike. In front, Teacher Leader Sisa Paje. Not pictured Cameron Pete.

Educators Rising works to inspire students to serve their communities by entering the field of education.  Each year during the Educators Rising Alaska State Convention students compete to develop and present projects related to teaching and education.  This year our students’ projects included the topics Children’s Literature, Lesson Planning, Creative Lecture, Public Speaking, and Exploring Support Services Careers.  Student projects are judged by a panel and students with the top presentations will be invited to the National Conference in June in Washington D.C.!

A student seated before a laptop gestures with his hands during a public speaking competition via Zoom.

Blaine adds emphatic hand gestures to his presentation.

Juniors Sherece and Cameron put together presentations on Exploring Support Service Careers, while 8th grader Blaine engaged in Public Speaking. Freda and Emery worked on Lesson Planning, and McGrady developed a Creative Lecture aimed at HS classes. Leo and Tamirah wrote and illustrated a children's book for their project.

A student converses with an adult woman on her laptop screen.

Sherece explains her presentation to one of the panelists.

A seated student in a blue hoody hydrates with bottled water.

Cameron stays hydrated during the competition.

Students of the Quarter!

2nd Quarter 2021-22

Heart-shaped collage of student of the quarter photos.

Ice Fishing

Mr. Larsen's and Mr. Leusch's Subsistence Class

Four people spread out, from near to the horizon, ice fishing.

On a crystal clear winter day, a hand holds a ling cod near the face of a girl bundled against the cold weather.

A teen sits on a bucket over an ice hole holding a fishing line in the dusk just after sunset.

The sets behind a teacher and two students ice fishing on Norton Sound.

2nd Grade Mask Fun

2nd grade students wearing the masks they made for Halloween.

Black and white fox mask

2nd graders and para wearing decorative masks.

Elementary Schoolin' Around

Mock wrestling

Elementary students at lunch in the multi-purpose room

Teacher reading aloud to students.

Boy in blue with building blocks