Grades 5/6 Battle of the Books team the Stebbins Bookworms

Grade 5/6 Battle of the Books team, the Stebbins Bookworms, made it all the way to the Regional Finals but lost in the final question in overtime to the Koyuk Mighty Malemutes.  Team members Annette Aluska, Ashland Johnson, and Brennan Paje battled brilliantly until the end.  

“I am so proud of this team,” beamed battle coach Shaleigh Confer.  The students had to answer questions about 12 books; the shortest was 137 pages and the longest was 391 pages.  "Being able to defend their answers and analyze the questions was a big focus this year," remarked Coach Confer.  “They did an amazing job - they worked hard and stayed positive to the very end!”