Children at a table experimenting with wall-building materials.

Engineering in Elementary or EiE is a program of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) that focuses on showcasing engineering projects and mindsets to children from K-6. This program has different projects that help children get a feel for how engineers have to think and work. They learn about how different objects and processes work in real life, and they learn how to overcome problems when they happen.

For two weeks, from October 10 to 21, Tukurngailnguq School hosted Ms. Penny Grey from NACTEC.  Ms. Grey came to lead two EIE project for our students.

On the Edge

For the first project, we built a wall.  We talked about how and why we use walls, and we encouraged the kids to think creatively on what possible materials can be used to build one. The kids were excited to learn about walls!  Then they planned how and what to use to build their

walls, and they built them, improving their designs as they went. Finally, after trial and error, the kids put their finished walls to the test.  We got to see how sturdy the design and construction was against a golf ball sent flying towards their walls!  Most of the walls survived, and the students remarked that they did not expect their walls to survive multiple hits. They were happy their walls were able to withstand the golf ball. 

The second project was making water filters. Students learned about water filters and why they are needed. They then began planning and designing their water filters.  After another series of trials and errors, they were successful in making sample water filters that helped filter dirt to make cleaner water.

We ended Ms. Grey’s visit with a culminating activity. The kids had the opportunity to talk about what they learned, what they enjoyed, and what they can do to become better. In the aftermath of Typhoon Merbok, the importance of strong walls and clean water couldn’t be more evident.

The students who had perfect attendance during the two weeks received prizes for their efforts.  Everyone looks forward to the next NACTEC visit!


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